"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."

Joseph Campbell
*note: this is tattooed on my back

I am an actress, writer and voice over artist, frequent traveler and lover of adventure.  I'm based in New York where I grew up and built my career. I'm lucky to work regularly in theater, have a parallel and sustaining career in audiobook narration, and I've had great success with my first writing contract,the humorous, romantic, spy centered BOD SQUAD series.  The title of my current life might be:


"I'll Tell A Story Any Way They Let Me."

I got my start in sixth grade, wearing my mother's tablecloth as a star turn in Oedipus Rex.  From there I was hooked. I studied theater at Northwestern and then went to grad school at The Shakespeare Theater's Academy for Classical Acting.  I've had the privilege of working all around the country doing new plays and classics, working locally in New York theaters, and doing a handful of TV and film roles.


I have recorded over 300 audiobooks to date in studios all around the country and I love to record books in all genres. I now have a home studio, where I record audiobooks 24/7! (I have jokingly nicknamed my booth, decorated in damask, "the Damask Coffin" for how much time I spend inside it:).


Inspired by the books I've narrated, I've completed the first three books in THE BOD SQUAD SERIES (Pocket Books 2015/2016)- and now all sorts of new doors have opened for me. I'm hard at work writing a bunch of essays and a new book, if only I can leave my recording booth long enough to write it. Cheers to that!

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