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Gabra Zackman's steady and grounded narration lays the foundation for the storytelling...

Audiofile review of The Telling

Zackman’s ability to change tone, from high-pitched to deep and feminine to breathless, brings the book and its personalities to life. Listening is a journey that takes more than 28 hours, but with Zackman at the mike, every page brings a new reason to continue.

Audiofile review of Marjorie Morningstar

Her low, mesmerizing voice captures the loneliness, loyalty and love that bind the improbable little family together.

Washington Post for The Underneath

It's risky for an audiobook narrator to spin through nearly two dozen characters — plus a plot hooked to the paranormal — to claim believability. But Zackman teases out subtle voice distinctions and accents (Italian, Russian, Yiddish) until the prospect of communing with the dead seems slightly more believable than Sophie landing a fully renovated, three-bedroom house in Ashbury Heights. Prime real estate, after all, trumps ghosts.

From the Audible website for The Sophie Katz series, Book 4

Hearing the innermost thoughts of a misguided character can be even more unsettling than reading them on the page—especially when the narrator’s performance is so convincing.Zackman slips between the characters effortlessly, depicting each one with sensitivity and grace.

Audiofile review of Men and Dogs

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1.  Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch

(southern dialects, folksy, poignant tale)


2.  All Over You by Sarah Mayberry

(Harlequin romance, sensual, intimate)


3.  It Takes a Pillage by Nomi Prins

(a forthright indictment of the banking system)


4.  The Telling by Ursula K. LeGuin

(sci-fi, dialects, fantasy)


5.  The Underneath by Kathi Appelt

(award winning children's folktale)


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I've been in the audiobook business for over ten years, beginning when they were still called Books on Tape:)  To date I've recorded over 300 audiobooks in all genres as well as magazines, textbooks and online companion guides.  I initially made my name in Romance and Chick Lit, but wound up winning awards for SciFi, Fiction and Children's Books. 


Audiobooks began as my day job and turned into one of my greatest crafts.

Awards & Press



Earphones Awards from AUDIOFILE


Marjorie Morningstar by Herman Wouk


The Underneath by Kathi Appelt




This Book is Not Good for You


and This Isn't What It Looks Like


Both by Pseudonymous Bosch



I'm featured in the New York Times for my work in the business:
NYT on audiobook narration
Lovely shout out from HEA, the USAToday blog on audiobooks and on my own books!

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