Of Austen on Roller Skates and Dancing the Finest Jig


Well, what a THRILLING ride.  We are closing BEDLAM's SENSE AND SENSIBILITY today (the run continues in June but I've had the privilege of a virtual avalanche of audiobook work and am off to do that) and what a run it has been!!!  This play has been the darling of the off-Broadway scene: raves in all the papers, a NY Times Critics Pick, and frankly, THE TIME OF MY LIFE.  These are just a few pictures that capture the unabated JOY of working with this group of people on this amazing play.


In short: one of the greatest joys of my career.


Here's the thing about the theater: it lives for a time, and then it's gone.  I've always found this to be deeply bittersweet...how so many people can come together to tell a story, how brilliantly and vibrantly we all live, and how once it's gone, it's gone.


When I was younger this would fill me with unending sadness.  I used to spend the week after a show closed drinking a bottle of red wine a night and playing a playlist titled something like "Back to Reality."


But as I get older, those boundaries seem more fluid, less clear.  Sometimes my work in the theater just seems like a job, and sometimes my "real life" feels like a breath of fresh air.  Maybe that's age, and maybe that's just what I've created after all these years.


That said, the end of this has been sad to me again, like it was in the old days.  This group of people, this script, this story, this experience: this was truly THROUGH THE ROOF.


To all the players involved: my deepest honor, and my deepest thanks.  Mrs. Jennings will soar many times again through many different actors, but I'm sure lucky I got to tangle with her here:)


So much love and gratitude to you all!  How I look forward to the next dance!!!



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