Notes from the Damask Coffin


Oh heck oh hell it's been such a long stretch!  NOTE TO SELF: I haven't written in so long because I was convinced I needed a really good blog idea and ergo just haven't written at all.  CLASSIC. In addition, I was really getting my new business off the ground so cut me a little slack:)


So now flash forward in time from whatever the last entry was.  I'm now running my own audiobook business from my living room, recording out of a booth that is painted teal, like my walls, and has gold damask stencil on it. Please note the rather FABULOUS DECOR that now hangs upon it and declares, "FUCK IT LET'S DANCE".  Appropriate, I think, for a new year that has felt like a relief to get into, and a 2016 that we can all say GOOD RIDDANCE to.  No one I knew was untouched by illness, death, sorrow or abject loss.  Albeit that it was the Year of the Fire Monkey in the Chinese calendar, it might have been better named "the Year of the Scythe."


I find I have now reconfigured my life, YET AGAIN. For many reasons, both personal and professional, it was time to see if I could secure a better living doing what I love, and a more reliable one.  So for the moment I spend most of my days ensconced in my booth in the middle of my living room, in a small office that I have nicknamed "The Damask Coffin."  Not that I feel I'm dying inside it... quite the contrary.  It's more that I realized, holed up in it as much as I am, that if I were to die I would want to be buried in damask.


But let's not get morbid!  As part of my life change I've now been host to recording a slew of fabulous books... fiction and non-fiction, personal and political.  Some of the great hits of the fall:  Maggie Kneip's riveting memoir Now Everyone Will Know (me reading it pictured here); Doris Kearns Goodwin's biography of LBJ; Ronald Balson's deeply affecting Holocaust mystery Karolina's Twins; Christine Woodside's marvelous autobiography of Laura and Rose Wilder, Libertarians on the Prairie; and Mark Shaw's fabulous investigation of Dorothy Kilgallen's death in The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. And these are just the handful that come to mind! It is my mission to write more about my daily discoveries within my work, as I feel like I'm living this fantasy patchwork where the stories I'm narrating intersect with my own life in marvelous and unforeseen ways.


So much more to come.  There is an endless spool of Notes From the Damask Coffin.



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