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Well, my STARS what a day it was yesterday!! I must admit I'd been depressed since the fall, personally, professionally and politically.  Normally I would leave politics out of a blog, but I think this past election has galvanized a new side of me, a part of me that I had when I was younger that has lain dormant for a long long time.  When I was in high school I remember going to marches and speaking up for my classmates, I remember a time when I was curious about politics and how the system worked.  Then I became apathetic, and didn't engage much in any way politically.  I was thrilled when Obama was elected- I've loved having him as a president.  But this past election... it felt like everything turned.  The country became more wildly divided, the issues more divisive, the election itself like a carnival.  I proudly supported Hillary and was devastated when she lost, but was more devastated by what arrived in her place.


In her place.  Voted in by a MINORITY of negative three million is a completely divisive character who stands for xenophobia and inequality, big business over environmental concerns, the demolition of affordable health care, the over turning of hard won women's rights issues, and a slew of other promises and practices which place him squarely on the side of bigotry, sexism, nepotism, hatred, fear and destruction.  And I have felt, for the first time in my life, sad to call myself an American.


Until yesterday.


Yesterday's Women's March, and the coordinated sister marches around the globe, brought me such inspiration, such faith and hope in the future.  The marches were enormous, global, prolific and peaceful.  The New York march was filled with fellowship, marvelous signs, chanting, cheering and sunny skies.  Surrounded by people marching together on a huge range of human rights issues, the world shouted a massive warning to Washington, and to Trump's incoming administration:  WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.  WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS.  WE WILL RESIST.


I suddenly find myself filled with vim and vigor.  I do believe the left has been galvanized, that a global community of compassionate, peaceful, mindful and angry people have been motivated to raise our voices in solidarity.  And I have vowed to myself to learn more, for the first time, about politics, civil rights, and the system that allowed a monster to be elected by a crushing minority vote.


I am excited now by what the future has to offer, and by the the global fists of women, men and children everywhere that have been raised in solidarity.


Why do you march? A conservative male friend of a friend asked on my friend's Facebook page.  What do the protesters hope to accomplish?


I answered this at long length because I believe we need to talk more to the opposition.  It's my guess that there's a lot more we have in common than not, and if we could just shake hands across the aisle maybe we could put a leader in office, and not a lunatic, regardless of his politics.


The short answer was this:  The projected outcome is to raise awareness so that the people who make policy decisions (ie our senators and local policy leaders) know that their constituents' desires directly oppose the new president's plans.  They then can be our voice in congress to vote on our behalf.  The new administration needs to hear the voice of the majority of the country and of the world, and this cuts across party lines.


We want our voice to be heard.  We want our senators to know that we, the majority of this country, joined by a global network, believe in our rights as citizens, as women, as immigrants. We believe in affordable health care for all citizens, and in affordable and accessible reproductive health care for women.  We believe in taking care of the earth, not trashing it.  We believe in compassion towards our fellow men and women.  We believe in taking care of our own.  And we will not stand for hatred, violence, exclusion, repression or a turning back of the clock to the dark ages of women's rights.  Our mothers and grandmothers fought too hard for the rights the new administration would like to take away.  And I myself had become complacent, too comfortable, and had forgotten my own voice, my strong voice as a woman, a feminist, a compassionate patriot, a lover of peace and protecting the environment and our civil rights.


We will see what the future brings. Till then, I am motivated to TAKE ACTION. #womensmarch #calltoaction #hearusroar #thispussygrabsback #thisiswhatafeministlookslike




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