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Having taught audiobook and acting classes for Primary Stages ESPA, Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, Ripley-Grier, and The Voice Shop, I consider myself a pro at uplifting and shaping the talents of artists.  I've also directed for Hachette and Audible and work as a director on a freelance basis.


 For individual coaching, rates start at $150 an hour with class rates available upon request.



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In collaboration with Hachette, Gabra is currently co-producing and directing a series of Shakespeare plays for SparkNotes's acclaimed No Fear Shakespeare.

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Gabra recently taught Intro to Audiobook Narration classes for MFA students at the University of Tennessee and the University of Missouri - Kansas City.


"I have taken multiple classes, privately coached, and performed with Gabra and I know for a fact that I am a better person because of it. Gabra oozes curiosity and wonder. She has a way of seeing your deepest self after just one scene or monologue. She uses these gifts to collaborate with you to help you find the grittiest pits of what you can do, and then celebrate them! I grew leaps and bounds after just one course with Gabra and I will continue to take her classes for as long as she is offering them." -Emmy Albritton

"It was an auspicious beginning - my first encounter with Gabra’s work. I sat in the audience of SENSE AND SENSIBILITY by Kate Hamill, next to a man who turned and asked, “Are you a friend of Gabra’s?’ To which I responded in the negative - I didn’t know who this woman was. “Oh,” he responded, “You look like you could be a friend of Gabra’s.” The lights dimmed - and I was transfixed by the play - relishing the whole-hearted, fully embodied, funny performance by Gabra Zackman. I was hooked. When the opportunity to study with Gabra presented itself, I leapt at the opportunity. From Day 1 of Scene Study, Gabra created a safe space, in which she challenged and spoke about the power structures within rehearsal spaces and audition rooms, while she simultaneously lead us through the joyful exploration of scenes. As a teacher, Gabra empowers students to ask questions and challenge the status quo - but also to always make the choice that is most fun. Recently, Gabra coached me for an audition - which I booked! Her insight and ability to ignite the zany, mischievous, playful, and fun emboldens her clients to make big choices in the audition room - big choices that are rooted in deep humanity. Gabra’s wholehearted approach inspires clients to go deeper - and dream bigger." -Kelly LeTourneau

"It is always an honor to work with Gabra. She consistently brings the most honest and grounded acting work out of me. Gabra builds a safe, and positive community where it's encouraged to take risks and exist as your most authentic self. Her feedback is insightful and made me a better actor. After Gabra's class, I received numerous callbacks for theatre, film, and tv work. She is my go-to for audition and private coaching." -Ashley Marinaccio

"Gabra’s approach to coaching always makes me feel safe, ready to work, and like my individuality is key to the success of my material. Her experience as an actor makes her relatable, valuable, and sets her apart from the handful of pay to play coachings in the city. She will always be my first call whenever I need to prep for a big audition!" -Seth Hatch

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